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You’re planning a vacation soon and are thinking about renting a premium car. Because you’ll be on vacation, you want to be able to treat yourself and travel in luxury and style. Luxurious automobiles are ideal for this.

You will appreciate having a luxurious car to go around in while you are there, whether you are travelling for work or a particular break.

Appreciate characteristics that set this rental car apart from the competition, like a powerful engine, a comfy interior, and a sleek, attractive appearance. The luxury class has a high base rate, a luxury automobile will cost significantly more to rent than the budget car you drive at home.

The cost of renting a luxury automobile per day can range from $200 to $25,000 depending on the make, model, uniqueness, and local demand. The following variables explain this startling but legitimate difference:

Car Type

Luxury Car

Your rental costs will vary depending on how fancy the automobile is. A 10-person limousine, for instance, may cost, on average, $500 to $125 per hour, with a four-hour minimum, as opposed to a luxury car, which might cost, on average, $225 or $75 per hour, with a three-hour minimum.

An SUV may cost almost twice as much to rent as a premium sports vehicle, which may cost 50% more.

Rental Location

Your search for an exotic car rental in a certain city will also affect how much it costs. Keep your location in mind rather than searching for costs that are abstract and unrelated to where you’re trying to rent.

Time Of Day

Rental fees for the evening are usually higher than those throughout the day. By choosing a midday rental, you may save anywhere between $25 and $50 each hour.

Fuel Consumption And Engine Type

Luxury Car

The usage of gasoline is another crucial factor because the price of fuel is still rather high. A car with a lower consumption of fuel may allow you to raise the price since renters will often pick it if they can save money on gas by renting a little more costly vehicle.

The kind of engine is also significant. More people prefer diesel engines to gasoline engines, and LPG-powered vehicles are even more problematic since some people don’t like them even if they can further lower fuel costs.

Car Brand And Model

The make and type of a rental automobile play a significant role in deciding the price. With Mercedes Benz & Toyota brands dominating the auto market, the majority of imported automobiles in Uganda are built in Japan & Germany.

German and British brands are preferred by tourists searching for luxury rentals in Kampala, as opposed to those who require a good price on a rental automobile.

Additional Services

If you want to have it delivered to you rather than pick it up from the rental business, the cost of your reservation would be somewhat more. You may also pay a fee to hire a driver if you’d prefer not to operate the vehicle alone.

There are less expensive luxury vehicles available, but the rent will always include some extra services. Expenses for insurance, vehicle transponder rental, airport tax, rental security deposit, lubricant and gasoline prices, parking, hiring a personal driver, etc. are examples of surcharges.


Every automobile that the mph club and the majority of exotic car rental firms provide has a daily rental cost. The rental fees for each car will vary depending on the make, model, rarity, kind, and some other relevant considerations.

And if you’re still debating whether it’s worthwhile to hire an unusual vehicle, just take a chance. Without a doubt, if you hire an exotic automobile for any amount of time, you’ll treasure every second you spend in it! Also, the stares you’ll receive when exiting a scissor-door convertible will make your investment worthwhile.


What Is Considered A Luxury Car?

When it comes to luxury automobiles, there is no specific vehicle type. Any type of car, including sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs, and even minivans, may be classified as a luxury vehicle.

The tough part of this is that it doesn’t always matter how much the car costs. In the end, not all drivers will agree that a certain model qualifies as a luxury car, even if that is what the automaker says. Although the notion of luxury is mostly subjective, there are still few recognisable companies that uphold it despite its evolution throughout time.

Is There A Minimum Rental Period For Luxury Cars?

24 hours (1 day) is the bare minimum renting time for a luxury car. For more help returning a car in less than 24 hours, get in touch with your luxury car rental company.

What Is Included In The Cost Of Renting A Luxury Car?

As you may anticipate, the cost of renting an automobile is approximately determined by its market value. As a general guideline, the daily rental equals 1% of the car’s worth. Using that as a starting point, pricing is adjusted per supply, reputation, and public opinion.

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